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Maxilo Experience

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Universitary Clinical Especialization in Oral and Maxilo Facial Surgery

Universitary Clinical Especialization in Maxilofacial Surgery with patients where you can learn the advanced techniques, initiate to Buco Maxilo Facial surgery or strengthen key concepts and skills in Surgery.

Training combined with  techniques of Advanced Oral Surgery such as Zygoma, Pterigoids, Teeth included, regularization of the flange, deepening of the vestibule, Bone reconstruction, Titanium meshes.

Mini-plates and mini-rings for anchoring, surgical expansion. Osteogenic alveolar distraction, Lateralization of the inferior alveolar nerve, Orthognathic surgery, Facial trauma, Virtual planning and prototyped guides in maxillofacial surgery.

Advanced Oral Surgery, Regeneration, Dental Aesthetics, Maxillofacial Buco Surgery and Zygomatic Implants