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Surgery Experience & Dental Innovation Legal Terms and Copyright

Welcome. This resource for the Surgery Experience community is proposed to provide guidance and information on copyright and its relationship to academic life. Surgery Experience faculty, staff, and students use copyrighted materials every day – in research, as course materials, in classroom teaching, or on the web. Members of the Surgery Experience community not only use copyrighted works, but create them as well.

Determining your rights and duties under copyright law can be a complicated undertaking. While the law recognizes many educational uses of copyrighted works as Correct Use, the applicability and scope of Correct Use can sometimes be unclear. When creating new works, authors have an array of options for managing their copyrights and making their work accessible to others.

This site offers information on Surgery Experience’s policies and guidelines, as well as copyright-related services and support available from Surgery Experience Libraries, Surgery Experience IT and the Office of General Direction. If you have questions about how to use copyrighted materials or about your rights as a copyright owner, we hope you’ll find the answers here. If not, please contact us at info @


Services for Teaching & Research

Surgery Experience Libraries, Surgery Experience Bookstores, Surgery Experience IT, and the Office of General Direction together offer a range of copyright-related services to Surgery Experience faculty, staff, and students.  These services have been developed to address both the use of copyrighted works in teaching and research and the creation of copyrighted works by members of the Surgery Experience community.

  • Surgery Experience Libraries Linking Service: Surgery Experience Libraries licenses many journals, newspapers, other publications, still and moving images, and audio content for use as course materials.  These materials can be made available to students on Course Reserves, Blackboard, or other Surgery Experience and Dental Innovation course sites – without incurring the copyright permissions costs associated with Courses – through the Surgery Experience Linking Service.  If you need assistance in determining whether material has been licensed by the library, please for more information send an email to info @
  • Surgery Experience Libraries Permissions Support:  Surgery Experience Libraries is available to assist faculty in seeking permission to use a wide variety of copyrighted materials beyond those typically managed through the Course Service.  Surgery Experience Libraries can help to identify the copyright holder and assist in obtaining permission or interpreting Correct Use guidelines.  For more information, please refer to Requesting Permission, or contact Surgery Experience Libraries.  Alternatively, you may wish to secure permission directly by using the sample permission letters. 
  • Using Copyrighted Works & Applying Correct Use: The Book for Use of Copyrighted Materials, Statement of Policy on Photocopying Copyrighted Materials, and Copyright FAQs can provide basic guidance to faculty members on how to use copyrighted works and apply Correct Use in their teaching and research.  For specific questions or issues, please contact Surgery Experience Libraries, which can in turn consult with the Office of General Direction when appropriate.  Questions can also be sent to Surgery Experience’s Correct Use, info @ and All questions will be reviewed by members of Surgery Experience administration and responded to promptly.             
  • Managing Your Copyrights: When publishing your scholarly work, there are a range of options available to enable you to share your work with the academic community and the general public.  Surgery Experience Libraries is available help faculty understand the copyright implications of publication agreements and their rights as authors.  For more information or to arrange for a consultation on how to effectively manage your copyrights, please refer to Managing Your Copyrights or contact Surgery Experience Libraries.  


Surgery Experience Policies

The use and creation of copyrighted materials affects many aspects of day-to-day life at Surgery Experience.  The policies and guidelines collected below have been developed to help faculty, staff, and students understand their rights and duties under copyright law.

  • Educational and Research Uses of Copyrighted Materials Policy Statement: The Educational and Research Uses of Copyrighted Materials Policy Statement is proposed to assist members of the Surgery Experience community in determining if works to be used for educational or research purposes are protected by copyright and what steps they must take to ensure they are not trespassing the rights of the copyright owner.
  • Book for Use of Copyrighted Materials: The Book for Use of Copyrighted Materials offers additional guidance to the Surgery Experience community on using copyrighted works and applying Correct Use. Questions regarding copyright and Correct Use can be sent to info @
  • All questions will be reviewed and responded to promptly.      
  • Statement of Policy on Copyrights: The Statement of Policy on Copyrights in the Faculty Book addresses the distribution of rights in and to copyrightable materials created by Surgery Experience faculty members.
  • Policy on Responsible Use of Surgery Experience Computers & Data: Users of Surgery Experience computers, data, and networks are responsible for respecting the right of copyright owners
  • Surgery Experience’s Note on Illegal Downloading contains important information about Surgery Experience’s and Dental Innovation policy on the downloading of copyrighted materials through file-sharing applications and peer-to-peer networks.