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Travel, learn, live: all roads start from you

Viaja aprende vive Travel, learn, live: all roads start from you

Courses and trips: Your destiny is to learn, your trip is to live

What kind of traveler are you? Do you intend to cycle more than 30,000 km through Europe, Africa and Asia as Fanny Bullock Workman, athlete, wife and mother? Do you want to become Darwin and go down as a great scientist to posterity? We guessed it in your eyes, you are a dreamer, yours is fantasy without borders and living millions of surprises in situ; There is no doubt about it, your idol since childhood is Marco Polo and his memorable exploits. And what are you thinking about? In going around the world with your family, as the intrepid Ida Pfeiffer did twice in the company of her children? All our students are very happy with the training that taking a trip entails, at the same time that they refresh their lives and their moments, it is a very enriching educational and personal experience, that is why we are encouraged to write this article

What is the difference between traveling, learning and living? None. That blunt. Leaving everyday life brings disparate points of view to renew oneself inside and out. As we move to a specific place in the world, in parallel with this external movement, our interior is transformed with thousands of data that stimulate our emotions and feelings. Other cultures. Other environments. Other ways of thinking. Other ways of dealing with problems. Other languages. Other beliefs. Understanding the other invites constructive dialogue, riding on indomitable curiosity and roaming freely on the back of any magic carpet. May the good winds carry you to infinity and beyond!

Traveling is talking with Nature from you to you, discovering the beautiful and eloquent silences of intimate reflections in dazzling dawns or disturbing sunsets, touching the skin of all cultures, those that were and those that are.

Every trip includes flying to the chosen geographic destination, catching the train of imagination to the empire of the senses and navigating slowly within oneself.

The mysteries of life are better learned by traveling than by inhabiting daily routines and social prejudices.

Everything is movement. Everything is permanent travel. The Universe expands from the initial big bang. The planets orbit their suns and the satellites also orbit their planets. We are pure existential journey. We all want to feel more, live an exciting life, experience everything firsthand.

Be yourself

Don’t limit your fantasy. Your dream trip is yours alone and there is one at your fingertips. Make your own decisions. Do you want to travel out of season? Any time is good to go on a trip, even a travel dentistry course is the best excuse to go out and see the world while improving your skills and knowledge.


It is the dark evil of our time: running like crazy to nowhere. Keep running. Stress. Keep running. Sadness. Keep running. Depression. Break that vicious cycle. Go and come! You can because you want: that is where your exclusive journey begins.


Do you remember the last time you fled the madding crowd for the sheer pleasure of traveling? Do you know why your memory has so much unused space? Because you don’t let in new experiences, because you absolutely refuse to accept new surprises … You can only evoke the past when the present is lived with intensity. Without memory we are nobody. Travels. Learn. Lives.


Don’t expect the world to come to you. If you want to be a star protagonist in this global multitide, jump into the void now! Do you like extreme sports? Venture out: the whole world is waiting for you; The unexpected awaits you, what you still have to write in your own hand. Escape from your reality and indulge in the fun of living for living.


Relating is the exact word: with the world in general, with new friends, with that romantic love that you never thought for yourself. Soaking up other people’s experiences will enrich your vision of the world. It will expand unsuspected horizons. It will make you more tolerant of others. You will value in fair measure the opinions of others and their peculiar ways of understanding life. Traveling will strengthen your freedom, your empathy and your self-esteem.


Maybe you are an entrepreneur who is always looking for a business opportunity. Traveling you will discover markets for your own business ideas and excellent indigenous ideas to bring you back. Import or export? And why not both options?


Get out of your selfhood. Say goodbye to bland normality. Get your youthful impulses back. Time flies by … Do you want to fly or get bored with life? The dream destination is made step by step. And you have already taken the first step …


Can you imagine having a few beers with your old friends? One recounts his journey to Antártida; another to China; the third has just returned from the Andes and his girlfriend from New York. And you? Biting your nails. Your last trip? By subway, bus or taxi? Don’t lie to yourself: you have nothing to tell.


Planning a dream trip requires choosing a destination among several alternatives, preparing suitcases and documents, taking out good insurance … So many things! But there is something more important: the good globetrotter lives the journey in advance, recreating routes, anticipating emotions, exhaling the unique aromas of distant lands. We told you before: living, traveling and learning are the same thing. Try to always go together. It will be more you. You will be happier.

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